Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shower of Roses annual curriculum sale

I'm linking up (for the first time!) with Jessica at Shower of Roses blog for her curriculum sale!  So here goes...

Media mail shipping extra.  $3 for first book, .50 each additional...

If item says 'sale pending ', you may comment and if it falls through I will contact you :)

 History Through the Ages timeline - purchased new, used for one week.  My son made two entries on paper (which I took out - see pics).  One pencil marking erased, other in pen (could easily place drawing on paper overtop), otherwise looks as though just taken out of wrapping - $20 SOLD

A Picture book of..... set of 6 - $10 SOLD

...if you grew up with Abraham Lincoln - $1 SOLD
 (Landmark) The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt - $3 (like new) SOLD
 Albert Einstein - like new - $2  SOLD
 Famous men of Greece - like new - $8  SOLD

MODG Kindergarten Syllabus - $6 SOLD

 Art 1  - New - $7 SOLD

Kindergarten Science  - no markings - $5

Art of Writing   - no markings - $5  SOLD

The following A Beka were handed down to me.  I've never used A Beka... I'm going to list a price, but if you'd like to make a "Best offer", go ahead! :)

A Beka Science 4 Understanding God's World
     Activity Book key - perfect
     Tests and quizzes key - great condition
     Answer key to text questions - good condition - no markings
      Student book - good condition - it doesn't look as though there are any answers written in it, but there is underlining and highlighting 
             SET - $20 SOLD

New world History and Geography review maps B  - free with other purchase

A Beka Science 7 Order and Reality
     Teacher key quiz book - new
     Teacher key test/study book - like new - no writing
     Teacher edition of text - cover getting a little torn on spiral edges, but inside looks great - no writing 
           SET - $15
 A Beka Science 8 Matter and Motion
     Student book - perfect - no markings inside
     Activity and review book - BRAND new
     Answer key - new
     Student test and quiz book - NEW
     Teacher key to activity and review book - NEW
     Teacher key test and quiz book - NEW
     Curriculum w/ Lab Demonstrations - very good condition - no writing inside - like new
          SET - $40

A Beka Science 5 Investigating God's World
     Teacher's edition - spiral bound - very good condition - no markings inside
     Student text - binding has seen better days (pages not anywhere near falling out, just a little rickety!) - highlighter markings inside - definitely use left though
     Test booklet key - perfect
     Quiz booklet - perfect - no writing
     Teacher's key quiz booklet - perfect
     Teacher's guide/curriculum - great - some teacher's markings
     test booklet - perfect - no writing
       SET - $30 

A Beka English 8 / Grammar and Composition II
     Test/quiz key - perfect
    English 8 curriculum - spiral bound  - has some teacher markings - great shape otherwise
     Grammar and composition II teacher's key - spiral bound - very good condition
         SET -  $20

Saxon 6/5 - 3rd edition - Brand new - never used!  Text, Solutions manual and test and quiz book
          $45 (sale pending)

Math U See Delta (division) - entire set - like new, some pencil writing in student book first few pages      $40  SOLD


  1. Good Evening, I will take the Saxon 6/5 Homeschool Set.
    Thank You

    1. Erica,

      Email me at laurencaggeso(at)gmail(dot)com to let me know how you will be paying. If you are using paypal, that is also the email address to use. Thanks!

  2. Contact Info. for the Saxon 6/5 Math. ericagraciano@ymail.com
    I will be out till the afternoon tomorrow but I will purchase it and contact you tomorrow.
    Thanks Again Erica

    1. Sounds good! It comes to $49.00 with shipping :)

  3. Hi, I would like to buy the picture book set of 6, Abe Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Famous Men of Greece, and Pharoahs book, and finally, the Art of Writing. Thanks! I can pay with PayPal.

    1. Great! You can paypal me at laurencaggeso(at)gmail(dot)com . I thonk I figured $34.50 with shipping :)

  4. Hi! I would like to buy the Art 1 for Catholics. I can pay by PayPal
    Thank you!

  5. It's yours :) You can paypal me $10 ($7 + 3 shipping) to laurencaggeso(at)gmail(dot)com .

  6. Hi! If it's still available, I'd like to purchase your History Through the Ages timeline book. I can pay you via Paypal.

    1. It is yours :-) email me at laurencaggeso(at)gmail(dot)com or PayPal me at that address with your payment of $23.00 :-) thanks and God bless :-)

  7. I'd like the Math-U-See Delta set, please.