Thursday, November 14, 2013

All Saints Day 2013

Finally posting our wonderful All Saints Day party!  Every year I say it was the best one yet :)

Captain - St Thomas More

Rex - Blessed Jose Luis

Tot - St Juan Diego

The boys had a blast!  We added some new games this year and the night was wonderful.  We began with Mass for the Holy Day on All Hallows Eve, then had a yummy potluck.  Afterwards we always do 'guess the saint' then the litany of the saints...

Some of the games...

 ***always a favorite!!

 Tot couldn't hack not grabbing the doughnut!

 Rex's face looked like this the rest of the night :)

 St Peter's fishing booth (candy on the end).

'Practicing the virtues of the saints" - different little activities to do at each station...(each one had a sign, such as "Clothe the naked like St Martin de Tours" , 'Give drink to the thirsty like Mother Teresa" with a pitcher and water)

 "Give money to the poor like St Nicholas"

 "Help build the church like St Francis"

 "Feed the hungry like St Elizabeth of Hungary"

Tot couldn't clothe the naked, so he just was hugging her :)

 St Anthony's lost and found...

One mother did a wonderful jack o lantern activity with the kids....she compared the process of carving it to the process of being sanctified....clearing away the filth, filling with God's light, etc :)

...and Tot ended the night with St Maxmillian Kolbe's glasses on :)


  1. Darling saints and festivities. I think I may go with a Mexican theme next year. I love your Blessed Jose Luis. VIVA CRISTO REY!

  2. What wonderful celebration! I think I will have to use some of these ideas next year!